Swimming Pool in Kathmandu Valley

A salt-water indoor swimming pool which provides numerous health benefits compared to normal chlorine swimming pool such as gentle on the eyes and skin, better on joints, anti-stress properties and no-side effects. Relax in our inviting spaces, take in the tranquil ambiance, and allow the day’s cares to fade beneath the soft waves of the water.

Our swimming pool entices both experienced swimmers and those looking for leisurely swims with its brilliant blue waters and immaculate surrounds. Our pool can accommodate all levels of activity and interests, whether you want to swim laps, work out in the water, or just relax.

Are you prepared to sate your aquatic desires? Come and enjoy our swimming pool’s magic in the center of Revive Leisure Park. Our paradise is here to fulfill all of your aquatic fantasies, whether you’re looking for a heart-pounding adventure, memorable family time, or a tranquil getaway. Dive in and explore the wonders this unique swimming paradise has to offer.