Restaurant, Bed, Swimming & Gym in Revive For Complete Revival – Health and Recreation!

  • Jul 03, 2023
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Imagine you find an indoor recreation center that is loaded with complete health and recreation facilities. Imagine these facilities include a restaurant, bed, swimming and gym. This sounds like a great place, doesn’t it? Well, what if we told you that you can get all of these facilities and more? That’s right, you can get all of these facilities and more – all under one place, and that place is Revive Leisure Park!

So now you must be wondering, what are the facilities that I can get at Revive Leisure Park right? Well, let’s get right into it, shall we?

Revive Leisure Park

Swimming Pool

Revive is home to one of the best indoor minimum chemical used swimming pools in Lalitpur. Their indoor pool is free from chemicals and is perfectly blended with their very attractive indoor lounge. On top of all of these, Revive provides you with dedicated trainers so that you can gain complete benefits for your health and recreation at Revive. The best part about their swimming pool is that with their training program, it doesn’t matter if you want to relax and have a nice time or train your body and achieve optimum fitness; you can do all of these in the indoor swimming pool at Revive!

Swimming Pool


But did you know that Revive is not just about swimming and relaxing by the pool? If you want to, you can even spend the night in some of the coziest rooms in Lalitpur. Revive Leisure Park provides you with comfortable beds encased in a cozy room with an ambient atmosphere so that you can spend your night in peace and feel free of all your worries. What’s more, with their B&B services, you can grab breakfast and energize your body as soon as you wake up. With a variety of healthy options for your perfect breakfast, you can find the perfect package of health and comfort with the cozy beds and refreshing breakfast at Revive!



Now some of you may wonder, “But what if we want more than just breakfast?” Well, worry not, for Revive has the perfect solution for you. You can simply take a short walk from your bedroom and enter their indoor restaurant! Revive restaurant will welcome you with their wide range of local and international cuisines. It does not matter what your taste is – Revive has got the perfect dish for you. Relax as you choose and enjoy your meal from the choice of Continental, Italian, Indian and Thakali cuisines and feel the satisfaction from deep within. With its calming and soothing ambiance and a perfect combination of indoor and outdoor seating, the restaurant at Revive Leisure Park is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a hearty meal.

Best Restaurant in Kathmandu


Now if you are done with the meal and want some exercise to digest your food, then why don’t you head on toward the gym? Revive Leisure Park houses a spacious gym filled to the brim with modern exercise machines and round-the-clock trainers. So if you want to enhance your health and uplift your body, then there is a perfect solution for you as well. With a dedicated team of personal trainers that are available round the clock, there is no need to worry about time or your fitness level. Want a midnight exercise- you can do that at the indoor gym and revive! Are you just a beginner?

Don’t worry, for the trainers at Revive are here to guide you through the perfect starter gym regime. Do you want to work on the specifics? Worry not, as the experienced instructors are there to provide you with complete guidance. Regardless of what your health and fitness needs are, the indoor gym at Revive Leisure Park is here to meet all your needs!

Gyms at Kathmandu

In the end,

So is Revive Leisure Park the perfect place for health and recreation? Definitely yes! With their indoor swimming pool, fitness gym, cozy beds, and fulfilling restaurant, there is no doubt that Revive is the perfect place to fulfill all your health and recreation needs! So regardless of if you just want to relax or improve your health, there is no reason not to visit Revive!

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